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The project

Martin Larsson and Christian Bramsner travel 50 000 km through Europe's 55 countries in 5 months - on motorcycle!

How the project was born

One day during breakfast at work Christian suggested that we should take 1-2 weeks of to ride motorcycle in Europe. When we talked further about which countries we wanted to ride through, we realized that two weeks would not be enough. It ended with us saying 4 weeks instead,  and later it developed to 8 weeks. However, this could cause problems with the family at home. Martin said that as soon as the children become teenagers, it would be easier to go for a longer trip. That was how the year 2020 was set and the project MCCM2020 started.

What is the goal?

The goal is the journey itself.

What date will you go?

Departure is planned in April 2020.

The exact date will be set during 2019.

What is your dream scenario?

5 months with great weather, no problems with the bikes, nice roads with good company!

Will you have any service crew or backup?

We are doing the jouney entirely on our own without any crew along the way.

We do have help from home by a travel agent, who can assist if any problem should arise. We also get help with website, social media etc.

Why are you doing the journey by motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is the greatest thing in the world! It has been Christian's greatest interest since childhood.

It will be great to experience Europe, different people and cultures by motorcycle.

Any specific plans for the journey?

The idea is to visit places and meet people with relation to motorcycle.

Some things will be spontaneous and others will be more planned.

We intend to find something interesting in every country we ride trough.

About us

Christian Bramnser

is a driving and motorcycle instructor, motorcycle licence since 1992, first motorcycle was an Aprillia Futura 125cc, is now driving an extra equipped BMW R1200 GSA 2017

Tel. +46 (0)702-457980

Martin Larsson

is a driving and motorcycle instructor, motorcycle license since 1998, first motorcycle was a Suzuki GSX 400E, is now driving an extra equipped BMW R1200 GSA 2017

 Tel. +46 (0)708-672207

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